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ADU Installation

Unlock additional living space with our expert ADU installations, designed to seamlessly integrate into your property.

Kitchen / Bath

Transform your kitchen and bathrooms into stunning, functional spaces with our renovation and remodeling expertise.

Tenant Improvement

Elevate your residential or commercial space with our Tenant Improvement services, tailored to meet your unique needs and vision.

Our Story: The Hami Construction Legacy

Hami Construction Inc. is a well-known name general contractor in Los Angeles. For years, we’ve turned dream homes and offices into reality, and it’s something we’re proud of. Our history is filled with projects that brought smiles to our clients and added beautiful spaces to our city.

Our team is always eager to do its best, setting high standards in the building process. We believe in joining hands with our clients. Together, we brainstorm, share ideas, and turn those concepts into real structures. For us, every building, big or small, is a testament to our dedication. With Hami Construction, you don’t just get a builder; you get a partner who’s equally invested in making your dream space come alive.

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Our Diverse Services

Hami Construction Inc. is your go-to for all general contractor construction needs. Looking for a modern kitchen or a luxury bath space? We’re experts. From residential and commercial tenant improvements to ADU and mobile home installations, we have a service for every need.

But our offerings don’t stop there. We have skilled teams for plumbing, electrical, framing, and even specialized concrete flatwork and structural projects. No job is too big or small; our dedication remains unwavering. With Hami, you get a comprehensive service package, ensuring quality at every step.

What we offer

Services By Hami Construction Inc

Kitchen / Bathrooms

Transform your kitchen and bathrooms into stunning, functional spaces with our renovation and remodeling expertise.

ADU / Mobile Home Installation

Unlock additional living space or mobile home solutions with our expert installation services, seamlessly integrated into your property.

Tenant Improvement

Elevate your residential or commercial space with our Tenant Improvement services, tailored to meet your unique needs and vision.

Framing Services

Experience structural stability and precision with our framing services, the foundation of every well-built space.

Plumbing Services

Trust our plumbing experts to handle everything from installations to repairs, ensuring the smooth operation of your property.

Electrical Services

Our electrical services guarantee safety and reliability, from wiring to lighting solutions for homes and businesses.

Commercial Construction

From concept to completion, we bring your construction projects to life with precision and quality craftsmanship.

Residential Construction

From start to finish, we bring your home construction projects to life with a care for details and reliable services.

Concrete Flatwork / Structural

Our concrete expertise ensures the durability and strength of your property, from flatwork to structural enhancements.

The Hami Construction Way

Every project begins with your dream. Once shared, we plan meticulously. From designing kitchens to laying concrete foundations, we ensure perfection at every stage with our general contractor services.

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Our process is transparent. We ensure all necessary permissions are in place and choose only the best materials. With diverse general contractor experts, every aspect, be it plumbing or electrical, meets the highest standards. With Hami, you’re always informed, always in control, and always assured of quality.

Why Choose Us

The Hami Construction Difference

Los Angeles is teeming with builders, but Hami Construction Inc. is a cut above the rest. Our commitment isn’t just to the structure but to the entire journey. From inception to unveiling, we ensure the process is seamless and enjoyable.

What truly sets us apart is our team—a group of dedicated professionals who pour their heart into every task, be it framing a room or installing an ADU. Choosing Hami means choosing dedication, excellence, and a promise of unparalleled quality.



Years in construction, showcasing unmatched dedication.

Transparent Communication

Clear dialogues ensure you're always informed.

Certified Excellence

Our work is backed by industry certifications.

Adaptable Expertise

Ready for any challenge to bring your vision to life.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Hami Construction Inc. specializes in a wide range of construction projects including residential and commercial new builds, kitchen and bathroom renovations, ADU installations, mobile home setups, and various other general contracting works such as plumbing, electrical, framing, and concrete flatwork.

Yes, our team at Hami Construction Inc. is equipped to manage all phases of your project from the initial design concept through to the construction completion. We ensure a seamless transition between all stages for a streamlined and cohesive building process.

Absolutely. Part of our comprehensive service includes assistance with obtaining all the required permits for your construction project. We navigate the complexities of local building regulations to ensure your project complies with all Los Angeles area codes.

Quality is at the forefront of our work at Hami Construction Inc. We use only high-quality materials and adhere to strict building codes and standards. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to excellence, with every project undergoing rigorous quality checks.

Definitely. Client communication is a top priority for us. We provide regular updates and are always available to discuss any aspect of the project. We believe that keeping you informed is key to a successful partnership and project.

Project costs are determined based on the scope of work, materials selected, and the project's complexity. We provide detailed quotes to ensure transparency and to help you understand all aspects of the project costs. Our goal is to offer clear and fair pricing without any hidden fees.

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Beyond Building

Hami Construction Inc. goes beyond mere construction. We create experiences. Each wall we erect, every room we design, resonates with dedication and emotion. Our attention to detail ensures not just functionality but also aesthetics and warmth.

Each project is a journey, one where your dreams merge with our expertise to create lasting marvels. With Hami Construction, you’re not just getting a building; you’re securing memories, values, and unmatched excellence.