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Full-Service Bathroom Remodeling

Hami Construction Inc. is where your bathroom makeover dreams take shape. Our first step is to sit down with you and listen. We want to know what you’re imagining – down to every detail. Then, our skilled team crafts a plan to make it all happen. 

We handle everything, so you don’t have to worry about anything. From plumbing to the last coat of paint, we ensure each step is done right and on time.

We know Los Angeles homes are as diverse as the people living in them. That’s why our team stays updated on all the latest in bathroom design and technology. Whether your style is sleek and modern or warm and classic, we work hard to make sure your new bathroom is just what you want and more.

contemporary bathroom renovated by Hami Construction.
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white modern bathroom with brass fixtures and hardware.

Custom-Designed Bathrooms

Your bathroom should be a perfect fit for your home and life. At Hami Construction, we make this happen with custom designs tailored just for you. Our designers will discuss with you to determine your style and needs. We aim to craft a space that looks great and makes sense for your everyday life.

We don’t just focus on looks – we think about how things work as well. We’re experts at finding smart ways to use space, pick materials, and place lighting. We guarantee your bathroom is cleverly designed to be comfortable and useful every day.

Smart Solutions for Small Bathrooms

Small bathrooms can look significantly bigger with the right style and function. That’s our specialty at Hami Construction Inc. We start by looking at your space to see where to add more room to move and store things. Our team excels in designing even the tiniest bathrooms to feel spacious and welcoming.

We take pride in our great attention to detail. Good lighting, mirrors, and the right colors can make your small bathroom not just look bigger but also feel more like a part of your home. We blend smart design with practical features, giving you a small bathroom that’s full of comfort.

contemporary master bathroom with white and black fixtures.

Master Bathroom Remodels

Your master bathroom should be your personal getaway, and we know just how to create that. We think of every aspect of your master bathroom to make it a place to relax and refresh. Luxurious showers, beautiful tubs, and fine finishes are all part of the package.

Our process is about blending style with substance. We choose materials and designs that not only look good but also last long and work optimally. Your master bathroom will blend the latest trends and timeless beauty.

Welcoming Guest Bathroom Renovations

A guest bathroom is more than just an extra room; it’s a chance to show your style and hospitality. Hami Construction helps you do this with guest bathrooms that are both functional and beautiful. We work with you to create a space that makes your guests feel comfortable and cared for.

From the sink to the shower, we pick each piece to create a welcoming atmosphere. Our renovations ensure your guest bathroom has everything a visitor might need. We guarantee to present it in your style.

round illuminated mirror.
modern bathroom with modern plumbing.

Shower and Bathtub Upgrades

Ready for a shower or tub that feels like a day at the spa? That’s what Hami Construction Inc. delivers. We’ll discuss what you like and need, then help pick the perfect shower or tub. Our team is dedicated to finding the best fit for your space and style.

Whether you want a simple, sturdy tub or a fancy new shower, we focus on quality and durability. We’re here to help you pick something that looks good, feels right, and adds value to your home.

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