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When laying the foundation for your project, nothing beats the strength and durability of expertly handled concrete work. Hami Construction Inc. is your go-to team of expert concrete contractors in Los Angeles. We provide a range of concrete services tailored to meet the structural and aesthetic needs of your property.

With years of experience, our skilled professionals have mastered the art of concrete installation. Every project, from concrete foundations to concrete slabs, is executed precisely and carefully. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail sets us apart. This makes us the trusted partner for countless homeowners and businesses across Los Angeles.

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We tailor our concrete installation to fit your specific needs. We take on projects of all sizes, from expansive commercial spaces to quaint backyard patios. We guarantee each job is completed with the same dedication and attention to detail. Every installation is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Our process involves working closely with you to understand your needs and preferences. We focus on providing solutions that are both practical and pleasing to the eye. We aim to enhance your property with concrete work that stands up to time and elements alike.

Concrete is tough, but it's manageable. When cracks and wear appear, that’s where Hami Construction's repair services come in. We carefully assess the damage to provide a clear, straightforward fix.

We also look at what caused the problem and work to prevent it from happening again. This proactive approach to repairs means your concrete installations are better equipped to handle whatever comes their way. Our team uses the best materials and tools to ensure repairs are done right the first time. We guarantee you won't have to worry about the same issues down the road.

A good finish on concrete can make all the difference in how it looks and performs. We offer various finishing options to suit any style and need. From a smooth polish to textured patterns, our finishes are applied carefully to ensure durability and slip resistance.

We know that the finishing touches matter. Our team pays close attention to the details, contributing to a superior finish. We consider the environment, traffic levels, and your taste to deliver a concrete surface that’s both beautiful and built to last. We aim to enhance the curb appeal and value of your property.

Efficient Concrete Removal and Recycling

Hami Construction Inc. not only specializes in installing concrete but also excels in concrete removal services. Whether it’s for renovation purposes or complete site clearance, we employ eco-friendly methods for concrete removal.

We plan every removal with precision, ensuring we do it right and without causing damage to nearby areas. We ensure that all materials are disposed of responsibly or recycled for future use. Our team is conscious of the environmental impact when paving the way for new construction.

Dedicated to Quality

Our successful track record is proof of our unwavering standards for delivering top-quality work.

Licensed and Insured

We ensure your project is safe with us. You can trust in our work and professionalism.

Strong Foundations and Slabs for Lasting Buildings

Every great building starts with a strong foundation. That’s our specialty at Hami Construction Inc. We’re experts at pouring foundations and slabs that support your building. We also help protect it from the shifting soils and seismic activity common in Los Angeles.

Our approach combines thorough planning, precise execution, and high-quality materials. We create foundations and slabs that meet all safety requirements. We understand the critical role these elements play in the integrity of your building, and we never cut corners. With Hami Construction Inc., your project starts on solid ground.

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